Andy Cohen Has ‘No Regrets’ Over ‘Real Housewives’ Behavior Amid Sexual Harassment Accusations : ‘I Walk Tall Every Day’ |

Andy Cohen Has ‘No Regrets’ Over ‘Real Housewives’ Behavior Amid Sexual Harassment Accusations : ‘I Walk Tall Every Day’

Andy Cohen is brushing off the backlash.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen addressed several accusations leveled against the Real Housewives franchise: Eboni Williams’ allegations of racism; Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo’s sexual harassment complaints; and Leah McSweeney’s claims that she was plied with alcohol while trying to stay sober.

Asked if he felt hurt by the criticism and accusations, Cohen said, “I’m super proud of what we’ve built and of everybody who’s been a part of it. I think most people involved with these shows have been very grateful for the platform, but there will always be a few with complaints. Obviously, it’s no fun to be a target. So, yes, it’s hurtful. But I have no regrets about the way I’ve handled anything… That’s the way I look at all this. I know what the truth is and I know how I’ve conducted myself, and I walk tall every day on that.”

As for the specific claims, Cohen was first asked about Williams, the first Black cast member on The Real Housewives of New York (she joined in 2020 for only one season), who accused one of her co-stars, Ramona Singer, of using the n-word and other instances of racism (Singer has denied this). Cohen didn’t address Williams’ claims outright, saying he couldn’t “speak to her particular experience,” but generally applauded Bravo for its efforts to make its “shows more representative of the country’s demographics.”

When asked about the sexual harassment complaints, Cohen said, “I can’t talk about some of these things,” possibly because Manzo sued Bravo earlier this year claiming Glanville sexually harassed and assaulted her while filming The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. (Glanville has leveled her own harassment allegation against Cohen, claiming he sent her a video message in which he invited her to watch him sleep with another Bravo star; Cohen apologized and said he was “clearly joking.”)

And while McSweeney has also filed a lawsuit against Real Housewives producers and Cohen — accusing them of exacerbating and failing to accommodate her struggles with drinking — Cohen did push back on the claims that cast members are encouraged to drink in an effort to boost drama and ratings.

There are “so many sober people and people who have gotten sober on the show,” Cohen said, adding: “So sure, there are people who drink. There are many people who never drink. We don’t force anyone to do anything. But no one is secretly hiding liquor bottles on set. That’s ridiculous. We’ve been very supportive of people’s sobriety.”

He then argued that Bravo didn’t need to use drinking to “gin up drama,” quipping: “Have you seen Ramona Singer on a random Tuesday at 1 p.m.? Have you ever run into Lisa Rinna at noon? Lisa Rinna does not need a glass of rosé in order to tell you exactly how she is feeling. Margaret Josephs only drinks Diet Coke, and she is a truth cannon wherever she goes. I don’t think Teresa Giudice would say that it was the red wine that caused her to flip that table! We start filming the reunions at 6 a.m. for God’s sake!”

As for Frankel’s call to start a union for reality TV performers that would help address workplace and labor issues they’ve encountered, Cohen didn’t seem swayed. He argued that “90 percent or more of the reality stars” on most shows are only there for “one season or less.” And that reality stars “typically have other jobs,” with those who aim to join a show like Real Housewives likely “see it as having some greater benefit” for them.

“You have a business you’re trying to launch, you have a music career you’re trying to launch, you want exposure,” he said. “And so you say, ‘OK, I’m going to look at this for the long game and maybe parlay my exposure on the show into other lucrative opportunities.’ And many of them do just that.”

via: Rolling Stone

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