Say What Now? A Basketball Fan Drives Almost an Hour to Temecula, Calif. to Fight a Stranger After a Twitter Argument About Kobe Bryant [Photos]

Kobe Bryant Twitter Argument


Most of us spent our Christmas holiday celebrating with family and friends.

Twitter user an apparent Kobe Bryant fan @MyTweetsRealAF decided to spend HIS holiday driving 50-minutes to fight a Celtics fan after they got into an argument on Twitter.

Seth at SB Nation interviewed James, the fan on the other end of the argument who told the angry tweeter to meet him in Temecula, CA.

Here’s how it all went down.

James: Russell Westbrook is doing his thing against the Spurs, I see someone retweet a fellow who says “Westbrook is the best SG in the NBA.” I manually retweet it with …

James: I go look at his timeline, I see him saying “Spurs would be better without washed up Duncan.”

James: So he retorts about it being sarcasm because people say that the Lakers are better without Kobe. This is a silly comparison, and I tell him so; Duncan is efficient, plays defense, helps his team win, Kobe is the exact opposite.  

James: So it devolved to him calling me a “f*****” and “b****” and he’s “real, ask about him.” So I ask my timeline if he’s not real. Apparently questioning his authenticity on Twitter is grounds for fisticuffs. He sees San Diego in my bio, says “let’s meet in Temecula to fight.”

James: This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I wouldn’t do it if he lived beside me, but I’m actually in Arizona now anyway. But I play along, say “Sure, let’s go.”

James: Aaaand apparently he … went.    

James: There we go. I told him that Russ IS a point guard and Kobe isn’t elite, I get called a f***** and offered a fight.

Seth: How long is that drive?

James: About 50 minutes. I couldn’t stop laughing.

James: Sad thing is, this is like the fifth time someone I’ve never met in real life tried to fight me because of Twitter. A Knicks fan offered to fly out to fight me after the Knicks BEAT the Celtics in that series.

Seth: Hahahahaha, why do you think that is? This must be the first time someone’s actually gotten in a damn vehicle, right?

James: Because 1) I know how to joke, and when other people laugh at them, they lose it, and — well, there is no No. 2. I’ve never threatened anyone, but I DID make fun of a guy’s avatar and he tweeted me his phone number to set up the fight. But yeah, first time I made someone drive from another city.

 Twitter arguments are NEVER that serious…although we would have loved to have seen @MyTweetsRealAF’s face when he got to Temecula and realized he’d been played. Ha!

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