Say What Now? Woman Sets House Party on Fire Because She Wasn't Invited

Shameka Howse doesn’t like feeling left out.

After showing up to a house party and confronting the host about not being invited, she decided to try and burn the house down.

via WKRN:

Officers were called to a house on 29th Avenue North June 28 and found three people who said they just extinguished a fire. 

The witnesses told officers Shameka Howse showed up to the house in a truck driven by a man and ran up to the door yelling and screaming.  

There was a party happening and Howse was not invited. 

According to her arrest affidavit, the witnesses believed Howse was upset because she wasn’t invited.  

The affidavit said Howse threatened to burn the house down and then went to the truck, grabbed a jug of lighter fluid and then threw it at the front window. Howse is then accused of pulling out a butane lighter and setting the house on fire.  

Witnesses told police Howse took off running, jumped in the truck and the driver sped away.  

The party-goers were able to put the fire out before officers arrived and no one was hurt. There was some damage to the house, especially around the window. 

Shameka has been charged with aggravated arson, vandalism and reckless endangerment.


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