Say What Now? Woman Pushing a Child in a Stroller Gets Involved in a Florida Mall Brawl [Video]

Oh Florida….

A brawl broke out at a Florida mall on Sunday involving men, women — and a child in a stroller.

via NYDN:

In a Facebook video that has since been taken down, a group of shoppers was shown kicking and punching one another outside a JCPenney store at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers. At one point in the clip, a woman pushing a stroller with a child in it, kicks another woman in the head who is lying on the ground. The Fort Myers Police Department told NBC 2 News that officers received a call about a disturbance of the peace at the mall at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday. When police arrived, the fight had already broken up, but they were called back to the mall two hours later when injuries from the brawl were reported.

No arrests have been made just yet, but police are investigating the incident.

Watch the video below.


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