Say What Now? Shocks Vegas Casino Patrons, Cops Say Suspect ‘Flaunted His Genitals’ [Video]

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police report recounts an incident that started with a fight at one Las Vegas Strip casino and ended at a different casino with a man standing atop a card game table wholly nude and exposing himself to onlookers.

via: Complex

Per a report from regional outlet KLAS-TV, the nudity part of this multifaceted incident took place at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on Sunday evening. The man, identified in the report as Brian Danilczyk, is alleged to have first gotten into a fight near the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s Bird Bar area with a man “who only had one leg.” Following the fight, police say the man fled first to the LINQ Hotel before ultimately making his way to Harrah’s, sans clothing.

A police report notes that the man was observed climbing onto a poker table, at which point he “flaunted his genitals.” Furthermore, as seen in footage later shared by TMZ, the man shifted his body to show “his anus to all who passed on the main floor.” Danilczyk, who police say was in an “altered mental state” at the time of the nude sprint and gyration, was ultimately booked into jail on charges including disorderly conduct, battery, and indecent exposure.

Complex has reached out to a rep with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for comment. This story may be updated.

In May, a separate nude man made headlines after being filmed nakedly attacking gym patrons and street pedestrians in Miami. In a statement to Complex at the time, a Miami Police Department rep said they got involved after receiving a call about “a naked male trying to assault people on the street.”

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