Say What Now? Mike Epps Beats Up & Hospitalizes Comedian Lavar Walker Over Parody Video

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Comedian Lavar Walker claims he was beaten up by Mike Epps for making a parody video about Mike’s social media feud with Kevin Hart.

WSB TV – Atlanta reports:

The alleged beating happened Saturday night outside a northwest Atlanta comedy club. The victim said he plans to file criminal charges against Epps.

On a 15-second video captured on Instagram, you can see Lavar Walker parody a social media war of words between Mike Epps and another nationally known comedian, Kevin Hart. That video may have sparked the beating that landed Walker at the Grady hospital.

Walker’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, said Mike Epps didn’t like the parody and came after Walker with his entourage at the comedy club.

“He was told Mr. Epps wanted to see him outside,” Stewart told Channel 2’s Diana Davis.

Minutes later, Stewart said Epps had two of his associates beat up Walker in a parking lot.

“That’s not funny and for this to all happen over that Instagram joke is ridiculous,” Stewart said.

Another local comedian said he saw what happened.

“I was shocked by it all to go down like that, especially with Mike Epps who’s supposed to be a superstar. Why would he get involved in something?” Bo Micadelic said.

Witnesses say Walker never knew what hit him. When Walker walked out of the door, Micadelic claims one of Epps’ bodyguards cold cocked him in the face and when he was down, kicked him in the head.

He said Walker never fought back.

“He was basically pleading for them to stop,” Micadelic said.

The police report does not identify the two men who allegedly beat Walker. It also says Epps drove off. Micadelic said Epps taunted Walker as Walker was calling 911.

“And Mike Epps walked back out the deck, looked at Lavar and said, ‘Are you going to call the police now?’ And then he said, ‘Don’t make any more videos of me.’”

Walker was not available to speak on camera, but his lawyers said they’ll pursue criminal charges against Epps and file a civil suit.

“This type of violence over silly things like a joke video has to stop and people have to be held accountable for it,” Stewart said.

If Mike really went this far, he deserves whatever legal ramifications come of this. What’s even worse is that the parody video that started this whole mess isn’t even that funny.

Check out the parody video below and see if it was worth the drama.

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