Say What Now? Group Armed With Gun Storm Popeyes and Demand Chicken Sandwiches After Being Told They Sold Out

We thought things were out of hand before, but people are losing their complete minds over chicken sandwiches.

A group consisting of three men and two women got so mad during a trip visit to a Popeyes in Houston that they ended up pulling a gun on the employees.

A baby was also said to be with the group.

via Complex:

Employees at the Popeyes location in question told the outlet that the group attempted to acquire the sandwiches at the restaurant’s drive-thru on Monday night. After being told that they were sold out, the group, who were apparently not happy with the news, allegedly attempted to get inside of the restaurant.

One of the men pulled out a gun on the Popeyes workers, according to Houston police. Employees say that the “mob,” despite their efforts, were not able to gain access as they locked the doors. The aforementioned baby was left inside of the vehicle during the incident—a black SUV.

ABC13 reports that there were no injuries and that police are currently in the process of looking for the people involved.

We hope they get the maximum penalty for the sheer foolishness of their behavior.

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