Say What Now? Georgia Mother Files Lawsuit After Alleging Her Baby was Decapitated During Delivery [Video]

A couple in Georgia claims their doctor decapitated their baby during delivery and that the doctor and hospital staff tried to cover it all up in a case police confirm they are investigating.

via: Revolt

On Wednesday (Aug. 9), 20-year-old mother Jessica Ross, her boyfriend, Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr., and their attorneys appeared at a press conference following a lawsuit made against Riverdale, GA’s Southern Regional Medical Center. As reported by Law & Crime, a complaint submitted in Clayton County alleged that the medical institution and Tracey L. St. Julian, the obstetrician that was on duty, attempted to conceal what happened in the death of Ross’ newborn baby during delivery last month.

“[The plaintiffs] were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child July 9, but were devastated to learn that not only did their baby not survive the delivery, he was tragically decapitated in the process,” it read. “Treveon Isaiah Jr. suffered tremendous pain and suffering as Dr. St. Julian applied tremendously excessive tension traction on his head and neck… It resulted in massive blunt force trauma to his head and neck, multiple skull and facial bone fractures, hemorrhaging on his brain, hemorrhaging in his neck and around his spinal cord, multiple fractures of the bones in his neck… [Which] all ultimately resulted in his decapitation.”

“In my 12 years of experience practicing medicine and 20 years doing law, this is one of the most sad, egregious, and horrific situations that I’ve ever seen,” said attorney Roderick Edmond during the news conference. “The case that we have filed is a wrongful death case… It’s a medical malpractice case. But it also has another twist to it, which unfortunately happened. We’ve alleged fraud and intention of emotional stress due to misrepresentation by people who were involved in Ms. Ross’ healthcare.”

South Regional Medical Center claimed that privacy laws and HIPAA prohibited them from discussing the care and treatment of specific patients. They also denied the allegations presented and said that St. Julian is not an employee of the hospital.

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