Say What Now? Drunken Man Allegedly Held Razor to Woman’s Throat On JetBlue Flight, Cops Say

A Utah man is facing federal charges after allegedly assaulting another passenger with a razor blade on a JetBlue flight.

via: Daily Beast

According to court documents obtained by The Salt Lake City Tribune. Merrill Darrell Fackrell, 41, is accused of putting the razor up to the neck of a stranger who sat in the middle seat on a flight from New York City to Salt Lake City, who he’d been chatting up most of the flight, records say. When the woman put on headphones to watch a movie, however, Fackrell is accused of placing a “1 to 2-inch” blade to her throat. Court docs say the woman’s husband rushed to the front of the plane to get help, while the woman eventually “lunged” into the aisle to escape the threat. It’s unknown how Fackrell was able to sneak the razor past security, authorities said, but he’s been charged with carrying a weapon on an aircraft and assault with a dangerous weapon on a plane.

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