Say What Now? California Mom Says She's Being Bullied By Fellow Parents for Selling Sexy Photos on OnlyFans

A California mom claims she’s being bullied by other parents at her kids’ school because of her new hustle — selling sexy photos on OnlyFans.

via NYP:

Known as “Mrs. Poindexter” on the OnlyFans app, Northern California mom Tiffany Poindexter claims to rake in more than $150,000 a month selling access to naughty photos and videos taken by her husband. 

Parents at her kids’ school, however, are not fans. 

The 44-year-old said they started a campaign to get her three kids kicked out of the school when her account was discovered last summer.

“Some women from my area actually printed out pictures I posted on my OnlyFans and mailed them to the principal of my children’s school,” she told JamPress.

“We were called a load of names; apparently it was ‘disturbing, disgusting, horrifying’ and ‘my children should be kicked out!’” 

Poindexter claims the principal opted not to get involved. 

She and her husband, meanwhile, have continued to run the account and chalk the campaign up to “jealousy.”

“I reckon most of the husbands have taken a look at Tiffany’s account,” hubby Chris Poindexter said.

“Maybe that’s why these women have such an issue with us.”

With the rise of OnlyFans before and during the pandemic, we imagine that there are a lot of moms shaming other moms at schools across the country.

If you’re going to show your skin for money, you better make sure it’s thick! See a few of Tiffany’s ‘racy’ photos below.

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