Say What Now? British Airways Passenger Uses Broken Wine Bottle to Attack Another Flier

A British Airways flight to the Caribbean turned violent ahead of many fliers’ planned vacations.

via The Sun:

The man smashed a glass bottle in the galley before plunging the broken shards into another flyer in a horrifying rage 30,000ft in the air.

On board a flight to St Lucia from London Gatwick, British Airways staff were forced to heroically intervene as blood and glass sprayed around the cabin.

Petrified travellers looked on as two men became embroiled in a bitter row during the eight hour, 39 minute flight.

It culminated in a thug wearing a bucket hat entering the crew kitchen area and dramatically smashing a bottle, sending jagged remnants flying across the galley where staff prep food and drinks.

He then ran back into the cabin and brawled with the rival flyer, drawing blood as the shards pierced his skin during their tussle.

In the mele the rogue passenger also rammed the bottle into an overhead cabin, as blood dripped down the plane’s interior.

Snaps shared with The Sun show the traumatic ordeal experienced by other holiday passengers on Flight BA2159 to the dreamy Caribbean island.

Crew bravely wrestled with the warring duo and forced them back into their seats.

Other flyers shocked at the gruesome spectacle also intervened.

The pilot of the Boeing 777 jet radioed ahead for police and medical emergency teams to meet the aircraft as it landed at 1.55pm on Monday.

The fight broke out one hour and 20 minutes from touchdown – leaving the plane no choice but to carry on its journey.

The two men were arrested on the tarmac by St Lucia cops and carted away for interrogation, The Sun understands.

An insider said: “It was a truly frightening experience for the crowded passengers. There was a lot of understandable upset.

“The men were arguing throughout the flight after take-off from Gatwick airport. 

“The row turned into pushing and shoving then things suddenly got really nasty.

“It was horrifying when the passenger broke the bottle then used the shards as a weapon.

“Suddenly there was blood in the cabin. No-one knew how gruesome it was going to get.

“Witnessing that in such a confined space, and not knowing if or how the bloodshed was going to end, was horrific.

“Some very brave individuals separated the two men and got them back in their seats. It could have been so much worse.”

In a video seen by The Sun, a hero stewardess steps between the two brawling yobs.

She stands with her hands apart as a man in a dark hat, denim jacket and glasses waves a broken bottle.

Pictures onboard the plane include a grisly image of blood and shards of glass on an overhead cabin, after the pair had wrestled among frightened families.

Another picture showed the kitchen galley which is out-of-bounds to the public – with glass scattered across the serving area and floor.

One snap had the injured man, in just a blood-stained vest, being treated for a stab wound near his shoulder.

Airline workers helped the injured man get patched up, using a first aid kit reserved for inflight emergencies.

BA crew members have been praised for their bravery and offered support by alarmed bosses following the trauma.

One source said: “There’s no training for this wild scenario. This was a deeply shocking and upsetting mid-air incident.

“We’re thrilled at the heroic behaviour and instinctive reactions of our brilliant team.”

Police in St Lucia are now investigating the incident.

British Airways told The Sun: “We’re shocked that anyone would act in this way and are grateful to our highly trained cabin crew and the customers who supported them in handling this difficult incident.

“We want to assure customers that this behaviour will never be tolerated and we will always take the appropriate action.”

How terrifying!

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