Say What Now? Sherri Shepherd Defends Thirst Over Sunny Hostin's Son After Becoming 'Hot Topic' on The View |

Say What Now? Sherri Shepherd Defends Thirst Over Sunny Hostin’s Son After Becoming ‘Hot Topic’ on The View

Sunny Hostin’s 21-year-old son has caught the eye of the legal expert’s co-hosts on The View — both current and former.

“You brought that boy over to me on a silver platter, Sunny,” said Shepherd, after the women of The View called out her “thirsty” reaction to a shirtless photo of Hostin’s son.

Sherri Shepherd has some thoughts on Sunny Hostin and her embarrassed reaction to Shepherd thirsting after The View cohost’s “hot” 21-year-old son.

Shepherd began her Thursday episode of her talk show Sherri, by calling out Hostin and the rest of The View’s panelists for making Shepherd a “Hot Topic” on Wednesday’s episode of The View. The topic of discussion: Sherri’s thirst after Hostin recently appeared as a guest on her own show and showed the host shirtless photos of her son, Gabriel.

Watch Sunny and Sherri’s original interaction, as well as how the moment was tackled on The View, below.

“Alright, first of all, Sunny Hostin, you were the one who brought the pictures of Gabriel to me,” the 57-year-old told her audience, after Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed on The View that Shepherd was the one who selected the topless photos of Gabriel to feature on her talk show.

“I didn’t see the pictures of Gabriel before the show. Now, of course I would’ve approved them, but I didn’t see the pictures before the show. You brought the pictures,” Shepherd began, before joking Hostin should have known there were “cougars” all over the place at Sherri and reminding everyone of his age.

“It is cougars lurking and waiting in their lair. You brought that boy over to me on a silver platter, Sunny. You knew it was trouble when you came,” she continued. “Who am I not to indulge, Sunny? Gabriel is the one who’s got his shirt off and showing his pecs. He is old enough to vote. He’s 21, he’s old enough to drink. And, guess what? I’m thirsty.”

Sherri then brought up Hostin’s embarrassment after Whoopi Goldberg asked if Sunny would be okay if Shepherd called Gabriel — a move which only propelled Shepherd to try and get his number.

“Don’t you be hiding your little face in your hands talking about ‘Don’t call him,’ because you know what it makes me say? Somebody get Gabriel’s phone number and tell Gabriel Auntie Sherri is on the phone, and Auntie Sherri needs somebody to come move some stuff around her house,” she told her audience.

“After I’ve seen that picture, he can come clean the pool as well,” she added. “I want him wearing what he wore right in those pictures. When he comes to clean my pool, I want him wearing this outfit right here.”

As she continued her playful rant, Shepard told Sunny, “Don’t get brand new on me.”

“You brought those pictures here and you know what you’re doing,” she continued. “Sunny, what I gotta do? How many cows you want for Gabriel?”

Hostin wasn’t the only one who took issue with Shepherd’s reaction to seeing Gabriel’s photos. Joy Behar — who was a cohost with Shepherd back in the day — called her former colleague “out of her mind over” Hostin’s son. “What the heck was that about?” the 81-year-old added, “Alright, the kid’s hot, but really?”

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