Say What Now? Brampton Foot Locker Employee Allegedly Ejaculated Into New Shoes and Put Them Back Into Boxes [Photo] |

Say What Now? Brampton Foot Locker Employee Allegedly Ejaculated Into New Shoes and Put Them Back Into Boxes [Photo]

Sneakerhead Twitter has gone alight today with an inflammatory and disgusting accusation coming out of a Foot Locker in Canada.

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A video of a naked employee doing some dastardly and dirty deeds in the back storage room of a Foot Locker surfaced online this week and has gone viral. The clip was posted to a now-deleted Instagram account and showed a nude man ejaculating onto the insole of a pair of shoes that were (are?) destined to be sold to a paying customer. There are close-up video stills of the load sitting inside of a shoe, but honestly, you don’t need to see the images. It nasty.

“As you can see, we’re at Foot Locker here, there is nobody else here, only my shit, and I am fully, completely, 100 percent sexy and naked,” the employee says in the video.

An anonymous Instagram account, @maddie_christinaa, uploaded a post that has now been deleted, but was screen capped by @theDYNAMICS on Twitter.

“This disturbing video was posted on Darion’s social media handles where it was then shared multiple times and seen by many people,” the post reads. “As seen in the video, [he] was in the inventory room of Foot Locker completely naked, where later on in the video he had confessed to ejaculting in shoes then bringing them to store front where customers could be exposed to bodily fluids.”

The account alleges that this sneakerphile is actually a 27-year-old manager at the Foot Locker store in the Bramalea City Centre shopping mall in Brampton.

The whole thing takes Maison Margiela’s Black Fusion Low Sneakers, which the Internet dubbed the “cum sneaker,” to an entirely new level.

Foot Locker told BlogTO that it is aware of the videos. “Foot Locker is committed to operating with the highest ethical standards and this type of behavior is not tolerated,” said a spokesperson. “We are aware of the incident and are taking the appropriate steps to address the situation.”

Still, if this clip makes you hesitant to buy shoes there again, we get it. It’s definitely one of the most vile stories we’ve covered in recent months, even with wild pigs taking over the prairie provinces and a fast-mutating virus still running rampant.

Remember: Love your sneakers—just don’t make love to them.

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