Say What Now? Black Woman Sues Marriott After She Was Allegedly Singled Out With 'No Party' Waiver

A California woman has filed a lawsuit against the Marriott hotel chain after she was allegedly asked to sign a “no party” waiver simply because she was Black.

via Complex:

According to the Oregonian, the case stems from January 2019, when 51-year-old Felicia Gonzales was checking into the Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown/Convention Center. Gonzales said that upon arrival, a front-desk employee informed her she would have sign a “no party” policy that was allegedly presented to all guests. But Gonzales says that wasn’t the case, as she witnessed white patrons check into the hotel without having to sign the waiver.

“Having to sign a ‘NO PARTY’ Policy form did not feel right to Ms. Gonzales, so she went back to the front desk,” the suit reads. “Ms. Gonzales observed as multiple Caucasian guests checked in. None of them were asked to sign a ‘NO PARTY’ Policy.”

Gonzales’ attorney provided the Oregonian with the waiver in question. The document states the policy was implemented to establish noise limits for guests and “not to insinuate any distrust in the ‘average’ guest.”

“No hotels want to have parties in them and we don’t want that type of business,” the policy read.

The plaintiff, who is a Marriott rewards member, said she has “never had a problem or noise complaint at any other Marriott hotel she had ever stayed at.” She is seeking $300,000 for embarrassment, frustration, humiliation, and “feelings of racial stigmatization.” According to the Oregonian, the suit may also be amended to add $1 million in punitive damages.

They need to go ahead and run her that check.

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