Say What Now? Baton Rouge Teenager Arrested for Allegedly Ripping His Boyfriend's Testicles Open

A Baton Rouge teenager has been arrested for allegedly ripping his boyfriend’s testicles during a domestic dispute.

via Complex:

On Tuesday, deputies responded to a New Year’s Eve incident that led to the arrest of 18-year-old Corey Jones. According to the police report, the situation involved Jones and his boyfriend. After returning home from having a “bad day at work,” the man and Jones got into a verbal argument. The altercation ended up turning physical, leading to the man locking himself in his room.

Somehow Jones was able to get into the room and charged his partner. The man allegedly responded by shoving Jones which prompted him to grab the man’s scrotum. Jones then reportedly squeezed his boyfriend’s testicles with enough force that they ripped open and started to bleed.

Investigators say that the fight left the man with a “significant laceration.” They believe that the rip will require stitches and possibly leave a permanent scar. 

Jones has been arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on the charge of domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury.


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