So Sad: Pennsylvania Family Dies in Alleged Murder-Suicide Pact [Video]

A Pennsylvania family found shot dead in their backyard last week in what police say appears to be a suicide pact.

via: Complex

According to NBC News, the bodies of Morgan Daub, 26, and her parents, James Daub, 62, and Deborah Daub, 59, were found in the backyard of their York County home on Jan. 25. Police said they went to the house after a neighbor reported hearing gunfire shortly before midnight. While conducting a welfare check, officers reportedly discovered the bodies on the ground as well as handwritten notes inside the home.

The West Manchester Township Police Department said one of the letters, written by Deborah, indicated the family had made a “joint decision” to end their lives. It reportedly included biblical references, and mentioned ”the evil that has mounted against Morgan and the family. The note was dated Jan. 19, 2023.

Investigators said they also recovered suicide letters signed by James and Deborah. The former reportedly wrote, “with only 2 guns & me being shaky, my wife Debbie pulled the trigger for me.” The note signed by Deborah read, “I was too shaky, so my daughter pulled the trigger for me.” Both of the letters were Jan. 24, 2023.

Law enforcement said they believe Deborah fatally shot her husband, and was then shot and killed by her daughter. Morgan, who lived with her parents, apparently died by suicide. However, lead Det. Timothy Fink told the York Dispatcher, “We may never know with certainty exactly who fired each shot.”

Fink also revealed that each of the letters included instructions and financial information for relatives, including the whereabouts of their insurance policies and how to access their bank accounts. The detective also said the family had sedated their dog with drugs so “it would not pose a threat to first responders.”

The tragedy took place just months after Morgan posted a YouTube video in which she referred to herself as “a prophet of the most high God.”

Investigators said the case is currently closed.

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