Roddy Ricch Snaps on L.A. Paparazzi: 'Leave me the F**k Alone' [Video] |

Roddy Ricch Snaps on L.A. Paparazzi: ‘Leave me the F**k Alone’ [Video]

Roddy Ricch went off on a persistent paparazzi for walking up on him while he handled ‘personal business,’ including loading a car seat.

via: HipHopDX

Roddy Ricch struggled to hide his annoyance during an encounter with paparazzi in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, telling the cameraman in no uncertain terms to leave him alone.
On Thursday (December 29), The Hollywood Fix shared footage of Roddy loading his car up with a baby seat as cameras were rolling on the opposite side of the street. The determined paparazzo crossed the street to get a closer angle of the rapper, but was cut off by his security.

The burly security guard told the cameraman Roddy was “doing something private,” but he persisted in trying to get the rapper’s attention and kept the camera rolling. The guard politely asked the cameraman one more time to leave, and as he obliged telling Roddy it was good to see him, “The Box” rapper flipped his middle finger as a parting gift.

The paparazzo then returned to the other side of the street when Roddy Ricch began to walk towards him, telling him to put the camera down. The man tried telling Roddy he saw him at a recent event, but the Compton native wasn’t having it and continued to plead with him to turn the camera off so he can “talk to [him] like a man.”

“You was the first dude that walked up on me. You walked up on me, bro. Don’t walk up on me, n-gga,” Roddy warned. “This is real life, don’t walk up on me. You walking up on my car, bro. I’m handling my personal business; you walking up on me, bro. This ain’t that. I’m living real life. Leave me the fuck alone, real shit. Leave me the fuck alone!”

Roddy’s caginess towards the cameraman may have something to do with the alarming trend of violence against rappers in L.A. over the last few years, with many artists becoming increasingly wary about their whereabouts being shared online, providing ammo for potential criminals.

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