Rita Ora Apologizes for Breaking COVID-19 Lockdown Rules in London for Her 30th Birthday Party, Paid $12,000 Fine

Rita Ora decided to celebrate her 30th birthday party and disregard London’s strict COVID-19 lockdown rules — and now she’s paying for it.

She took to Instagram to say she’s “deeply sorry” for breaking the rules and claims she acted on a “serious and inexcusable error of judgement.”

This past Saturday, Rita Ora held a small gathering at Casa Cruz restaurant in West London.

According to Daily Mail, Rita has already voluntarily paid a fine of 10,000 Euro — which is about $12,000.

They aren’t playing around in England when it comes to COVID-19 lockdown. In England, all pubs and restaurants are supposed to be closed other than take-out, and people aren’t supposed to be gathering indoors with people outside of their homes or support bubbles.

Police are investigating both Rita and the restaurant for violating the restrictions.

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