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Rick Ross Clowns Drake After “The Heart Part 6” Response: “You Bowing Out, You Can’t Take It”

Rick Ross has declared a winner.

The ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has several side characters, and Rick Ross has been one of the most visible ones. Following Drizzy’s latest move in the battle, his freshly released “The Heart Part 6” track, Ross was quick to offer his immediate review. The Port Of Miami rapper claimed Drake did a bad job at refuting the heinous claims made against him, accused him of having ghostwriters, and more.

Drake shared the song on Sunday night (May 5), which contained his response to Kendrick’s allegations that the 6 God was a “pedophile.” He raps, “If I was f**king young girls, I promise I’d have been arrested/ I’m way too famous for this sh*t you just suggested.”

Ross was not a fan at all at the attempt and hopped on Instagram to give his initial thoughts, saying, “I hear you, you bowing out, you can’t take it. You know ain’t nobody playing a song about pedophilia and defending pedophilia in the club. We don’t do that. But this ain’t over until Ricky Rozay say it’s over.”

“I just wanna make this clear, white boy,” Ross continued. “You said if you was f**king young girls, you promise you would have been arrested. Whoever wrote that for you should have put more thought into that… White boy, it’s your writers. Whatever message you translated to them, that wasn’t the way they was supposed to do that. And as a writer, went it come to pedophilia, you gotta remove yourself from that. White boy, that wasn’t the line right there. We keeping Drake away from the car show ’cause the kids are welcome. Nobody with that background shall be allowed on the Promise Land premises.”

The Floria rap veteran got involved in the beef when he dropped “Champagne Problems” as a response to Drake’s “Push Ups” track in April. The Toronto star has since addressed Rozay on wax. In “Family Matters,” Drake spits: “Ross callin’ me the white boy and the sh*t kind of got a ring to it’/ ‘Cause all these rappers wavin’ white flags while the whole f**kin’ club sing to it.”

Over the weekend, the plot of the primetime rap beef thickened immensely. K. Dot kicked things off on Friday morning (May 3) with his Instagram exclusive “6:16 In LA.” Drake followed up Friday evening with “Family Matters.” The Compton native shot back not even half an hour later with “meet the grahams” and then doubled down the next day with “Not Like Us.”

via: Vibe

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