RHOSLC's Mary Cosby Take Shots at Co-Star Heather Gay's Gucci Outfit: ‘I’ve Never Seen a Corset in Size 14’ [Video] | lovebscott.com

RHOSLC’s Mary Cosby Take Shots at Co-Star Heather Gay’s Gucci Outfit: ‘I’ve Never Seen a Corset in Size 14’ [Video]

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Mary Cosby isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

via: Vulture

Comedian Ziwe and Cosby brought more than just chaos to Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night. Fumudoh brought Cosby a Filet o’ Fish from her purse, referencing Cosby’s sitting alone in a sprinter van eating McDonald’s while the housewives are arguing at a bar in Palm Springs. In turn, Cosby returned the favor by bringing the heat in a game called “Versace or Hibachi,” where they basically have to give a thumbs up or down on questionable looks from the housewives. While Fumudoh does give two “Versaces” of approval, Cosby was not having it and slammed Heather Gay’s look on the grill by accusing her Gucci corset of being fake. “I don’t think Gucci makes that,” Cosby claims. “I’ve never seen a corset in a size 14, have you?” Ok, ouch. Gay’s corset was a part of the Gucci collab with Adidas last year— it retailed for $2,250, in case you were wondering. But Gay shouldn’t take it too personally, Cosby Hibachi’d every look Andy Cohen showed them. Maybe she was just set up to be roasted like the rest of the outfit choices.

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