‘RHOSLC’ Star Heather Gay Admits Friendship with Jen Shah Changed After Guilty Plea

Heather Gay is no longer Jen Shah’s “ride-or-die” best friend now that Jen has admitted she’s guilty.

via Page Six:

Although Gay, 48, stood by Shah’s side during Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” she said that “everything changed for me when she pled guilty.”

“I was labeled ride-or-die because I had a friend that was looking at me and telling me she was innocent,” Gay explained to Us Weekly on Monday.

“Now my focus is on the victims and her family and the collateral damage of this crime that she perpetuated and admitted to perpetuating,” she continued. “And I just hope that everyone can be made whole.”

Shah maintained her innocence up until July 2022 when she shocked the world — and her closest friends — by pleading guilty before the case went to trial.

She was later sentenced to six-and-a-half years behind bars for orchestrating a nationwide telemarketing scheme, predominantly targeting the elderly.

Although Shah didn’t appear at the recent “RHOSLC” reunion, that didn’t stop her co-stars from discussing her legal woes.

In fact, it was revealed that Shah and husband Sharrieff asked some of their friends to help them pay off their growing legal fees.

“I did not give them money, but I know people on this couch did,” Gay said, claiming “friend of” the cast Angie Harrington “gave [the Shahs] money.” 

Despite being “overwhelmed with grief” about the situation, Gay isn’t ready to let go of the friendship entirely.

“She said she committed fraud and she’s going to prison and she’s making $15 million restitution and I think me being mean to her or mad at her is just a virtue signal to the world and doesn’t do anybody good,” she said in the reunion.

“And I’m this far down the road with her, I’m not going to drop her now.”

The marketing pro is scheduled to start her prison sentence on Feb. 17, and with her presumed absence, it appears Mary Cosby will be returning as a “friend of the cast” to shake things up.

We imagine Heather feels pretty silly at this point.

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