Report: Jamie Foxx’s Condition Was the Same When Friends Asked for Prayers [Video]

Since the hospitalization of powerhouse Jamie Foxx, there have been various updates on his health.

via: Page Six

The actor’s condition had apparently “not changed” when friends took to social media desperately asking for prayers earlier this week.

A source told Page Six, “Nothing had changed. He was still in the same condition.”

Still, friends like Kevin Hart insist the Oscar-winning “Ray” actor is “getting better” — three weeks into his long-term hospitalization.

On Wednedsay, Hart told the “Impaulsive” podcast there has been “a lot of progression” in Foxx’s health, just as news broke that Foxx would not return to host “Beat Shazam” show with his daughter, Corinne.

Hart admitted he doesn’t know “exact details” of Foxx’s condition, explaining that the actor’s team is, “being tight … about where he is because Jamie’s always been a private person to a certain degree,” he said.

“Everybody’s prayers, everybody’s love, energy — all that stuff is seen and felt,” Hart continued.

Martin Lawrence also recently told “Extra” that he was hearing, “he’s doing better.”

A source who recently spoke to one of Foxx’s closest pals also described them as “holding things close to the vest,” but “it seems serious,” they said.

Reps for Foxx, 55, have not commented on the star’s condition, and previously directed press to his daughter’s initial statement where she revealed her dad suffered a mysterious “medical complication,” but is now in “recovery,” she posted on April 12.

On April 5, her post was more upbeat announcing the premiere date of their show “Beat Shazam.”

“The answer is May 23rd! I can’t believe we’re going into our sixth season!” she wrote.

But on Wednesday, the show’s network, Fox, announced Nick Cannon “has offered to fill in as guest host for his friends, Jamie and Corinne Foxx.”

The show announced Kelly Osbourne would fill in for Corinne as DJ.

Foxx broke his silence and posted on social media: “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” followed by various emojis.

He had a message for Cannon: “Appreciate ya my boy @NickCannon,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “See u all soon.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, his good friend Charlie Mack, posted on social media: “We need you back Bro… Oh Allah I come before you yet once again humbly asking please heal & restore our brotha… stronger & better than before!”

Let’s continue to uplift Jamie in prayer until we hear from his doctors or himself.

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