Report: Britney Spears is Talking About Reconciling with Estranged Dad Jamie

Britney Spears is reportedly considering making up with her dad Jamie Spears amidst her divorce from Sam Asghari.

via: Extra TV

Sources tell TMZ that amid the pop star’s divorce from Sam Asghari, she’s talking about patching things up with her father.

It’s shocking, considering Britney lashed out at her dad many times for keeping her in a conservatorship for 13 years. After fighting a legal battle, a judge terminated it two years ago.

Now, TMZ insiders say that Jamie is suffering from health problems and the singer is considering mending fences.

Jamie has reportedly been in and out of the hospital for months due to an infection from an old knee replacement. According to TMZ, he’s due for another surgery on Friday. He’s lost 25 lbs.

Sources add that Jamie holds no ill will toward his daughter and was elated to hear she might want to reconcile.

TMZ says that Britney still talks to her brother Bryan and that he was at her house recently.

It’s unclear if Spears is in touch with her other family members.

In June, she revealed that she visited Jamie Lynn on the set of “Zoey 102.”

Along with posting a video of herself dancing on a boat, she wrote on Instagram, “It was nice to visit my sister on set last week !!! I’ve missed you guys so much !!! Loyal girls stay home but it’s so nice to visit family ? !!!”

The visit came after Britney announced that she reconciled with her mom Lynne Spears.

In May, she wrote, “My sweet mama showed up at my door step yesterday after 3 years … it’s been such a long time … with family there’s always things that need to be worked out … but time heals all wounds !!!”

It is a tumultuous time for Britney, but she did break her silence on her impending divorce from Sam to let her supporters know she was doing okay.

The pop princess wrote, “6 years is a long time to be with someone so, I’m a little shocked but … I’m not here to explain why because its honestly nobody’s business !!! But, I couldn’t take the pain anymore honestly !!!”

She went on, “In some sort of telepathic way I have been receiving so many messages that melt my heart from friends and I thank you !!! I’ve been playing it strong for way too long and my Instagram may seem perfect but it’s far from reality and I think we all know that !!!”

“I would love to show my emotions and tears on how I really feel but some reason I’ve always had to hide my weaknesses !!!”

Offering a glimpse into her troubled conservatorship, she admitted, “If I wasn’t my dad’s strong soldier, I would be sent away to places to get fixed by doctors !!! But that’s when I needed my family the most !!! You’re supposed to be loved unconditionally … not under conditions !!!”

Wrapping up on a positive note, Britney revealed, “So I will be as strong as I can and do my best !!! And I’m actually doing pretty damn good !!! Anyways have a good day and don’t forget to smile !!!”

Sam filed for divorce on August 16 citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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