Report: 'Bachelorette' Star Rachel Lindsay's 'Flightiness' Led to Bryan Abasolo Filing for Divorce |

Report: ‘Bachelorette’ Star Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Flightiness’ Led to Bryan Abasolo Filing for Divorce

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo have reached the end of their journey.

via: Radar Online

The bloom is off the rose for former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay — her four-year marriage has turned into a bed of thorns for chiropractor husband Bryan Abasolo, who recently filed for divorce.

According to a recent report, sources claim Abasolo, 43, is done with being dragged across the country to support his wife’s ever-changing careers, has learned.

Insiders claim the husband and wife had different visions for their future together, causing their marriage to crumble in the process.

“They had different ideas of what their future should look like,” a source told the National Enquirer. “Bryan’s practice was in Miami, and that’s where he wanted to be. But Rachel wouldn’t be pinned down, and she was constantly uprooting them.”

Bachelorette alum Ashley Iaconetti Haibon, 35, dished, “There’s been a bit of smoke around this couple for a while” — because the private pair didn’t often post about each other on social media and occasionally lived in different states.

Two years after Abasolo won 38-year-old Lindsay’s 2017 season of the reality dating contest, the lovebirds got hitched.

Since then, he’s lived in Dallas, Miami, and Los Angeles with the competition’s first Black Bachelorette. But tipsters reportedly claim Lindsay isn’t done chasing the spotlight — and is currently raring to settle in New York City for her dream job of co-hosting The View.

“Bryan got frustrated with Rachel’s flightiness and unwillingness to commit to one place and start a family,” an insider said. “One minute she’d say she wanted to try for a baby, then she’d be on a flight out of town. Bryan got sick of it.”

“In the end, they realized they weren’t a good match,” the source added. has reached out to reps for Lindsay and Abasolo for comment.

Lindsay admitted she and her man were living “totally different lives” shortly before Abasolo sought a divorce for “irreconcilable differences” —and entered a request for spousal support from his now famous ex.

As this outlet reported, court documents filed by the chiropractor listed the couple’s date of separation as December 31, 2023.

Abasolo noted that the couple has yet to divide their assets and debt while listing a North Hollywood home as community property. In addition to requesting spousal support, Abasolo also requested that his ex cover his attorney’s fees. Since the pair share no children, they won’t have to argue over child support or related custody matters.

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