Remy Ma Recalls ‘Weird’ and ‘Scary’ Moment Mike Tyson Offered Her Car in Exchange for Sex |

Remy Ma Recalls ‘Weird’ and ‘Scary’ Moment Mike Tyson Offered Her Car in Exchange for Sex

Remy Ma is speaking out on a story that surfaced last September in which Mike Tyson allegedly offered her a car in exchange for sex.

via Complex:

During an appearance this week on Revolt’s The Jason Lee Show, Remy was asked about the moment, which was first disclosed by Fat Joe on Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast last year.

“He offered—he showed us some convertible Benz, new shit,” Joe said at the time. “He was like, ‘You can keep this, all you got to do is spend one night.’ She looked at me, like, ‘Joe if you don’t get me the fuck out this house, Joe.’ I was like, ‘Mike we can’t do that, she’s my sister.’ He’s like, ‘Well come on Joe.’ … He offered us some fucking 500 Benz.”

Tyson did not dispute Joe’s story. However, he did say during the same 2022 interview that he was only “busting her chops.”

At multiple points in this week’s Revolt exchange, Remy questioned why this was even being talked about at all.

“I’m trying to think about, like, how did we get here?” Remy said shortly after the 25:20 mark in the video below. From there, Lee and the episode’s other guest, Hitman Holla, both pressed Remy to talk about it.

“Listen, I just feel like in 2023, why are we discussing this?” Remy said. “Actually, it’s different now. I feel like women get way more now than then. It’s actually an accolade for you to set your chick out. You don’t even got to let ‘em hit.”

Elaborating further, Remy recalled how Tyson’s remark felt “weird” at the time, adding that it “scared” her.

“It was just weird,” she said. “I’m mad that that’s something that came out. … I was scared. I’m scared now. I don’t even know what to say. I just want you to change the subject. I just don’t like it.”

While Remy said she was not offended by what Tyson said, she did point out that she was young at the time the remark was made.

Gross. We can only imagine how Mike was (and probably still is) interacting with women.

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