Relax, It's Just a Rocket [Photos + Video]

A mysterious glowing shape lit up the California skies on Friday night prompting a flurry of panic, 911 calls, and social media frenzy.

With the way 2017 went, we would have LOVED for it to have been aliens coming to shake things up — but unfortunately it was just a Falcon 9 rocket carrying satellites launched by SpaceX .

via NYDN:

The satellites, operated by Iridium Communications, would eventually create a worldwide broadband system on land, at sea and in the sky, which can be used to track planes and ships across the planet..

Friday’s mission, which successfully deployed all 10 satellites, also marks the first time a rocket has ever been reused.

The launch, which left a long streak and a hazy, oblong ring across the sky, was seen as far as Arizona.

Take a look at some of what people saw below:


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