Reggie Ray, Man Allegedly Seen Wielding Folding Char in Alabama Boat Brawl, Arrested After Turning Himself In

Reggie Ray, the man accused of using a folding chair as a weapon during a brawl at an Alabama boat dock, is now in jail after he turned himself in Friday.

via AL:

Police said Reggie Ray, 42, surrendered to authorities Friday afternoon. He is charged with disorderly conduct and being held in Montgomery’s Municipal Jail.

Efforts to reach Ray, who has drawn nationwide support and inspired many memes over the past week, have been unsuccessful.

He is the fifth person charged in the ongoing investigation to the melee that started Saturday evening when crew members of the Harriott II were unable to dock the cruise boat because a private pontoon boat was in the way.

A now-notorious melee ensued including punches and even a chair, all caught on multiple cell phone videos.

Ray, previously identified by police as Reggie Gray, is the first person charged who was not on the pontoon boat.

Those from the pontoon boat who have been charged are: Mary Todd, 21, third-degree assault; Richard Roberts, 48, two counts of third-degree assault; Allen Todd, 23, one count of third-degree assault, and Zachery “Chase” Shipman, 25, one count of third-degree assault.

All charges are misdemeanors.

Harriott II Co-captain Dameion Pickett, 43, a Black man, along with a 16-year-old white young man, were victims in the charges involving the pontoon boat occupants.

According to a deposition in the charge against Ray, an officer observed Ray “wielding a white chair and swinging it towards an unknown subject.”

The officer, “was able to grab Ray and remove the chair from his hands.”

Ray was detained for officer safety, the police report stated.

Police ran a criminal check on Ray, which was negative, so he was released pending further investigation.

“Via body cam video footage seen (on August 9, 2023), Ray can be seen striking a white male wearing gray shorts and no shirt with the white chair several of times.”

Authorities on Friday said a former person of interest, a white man seen on the videos shirtless with sunglasses around his neck and wearing a blue and white ball cap, has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing and is cooperating with the investigation.

The man, city officials said, was attempting to de-escalate the situation, according to testimony from Pickett and analysis of video by Montgomery investigators and partner agencies.

“This is a fluid investigation. At this point, the FBI has not classified these attacks as a hate crime, but the investigation is ongoing,’’ Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said Friday.

“As a former judge and as an elected official, I will trust this process and the integrity of our justice system.”


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