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Ray J & Raz-B Make Peace After Footage Surfaces of Them Getting into a Scuffle [Video]

Ray J and Raz B weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on their latest business venture.

via: HipHopDX

Ray J and Raz-B nearly came to blows in a now-viral video, but cooler heads have since prevailed and the pair are back to doing business together.

Footage of Ray and Raz getting into a scuffle made its rounds on social media on Sunday (February 13). In the clip, the two singers are seen at a party alongside Bobby V and other friends when Ray pushes Raz-B and things start to escalate before someone intervenes.

In a statement to The Shade Room, the pair confirmed things are all good now but that the issue stemmed from a business disagreement they’re currently experiencing.

According to the report, Ray J and Raz-B are currently working on a show for an undisclosed network, but after reviewing what they’ve filmed so far, they both realized how violent it is. However, Ray – who’s the show’s producer and director – wants to shut it down completely, while Raz doesn’t want to look crazy to the investors and thinks the show should go on.

“If the company wants to put the footage out, what can I do if they pay for it?” Raz told TSR.

It seems like the show will go on after all, but Ray J hopes to help those involved in its aftermath. “My intention is to help at the end of it all, get all of those people help and guidance,” Ray said.

He also elaborated on the viral clip. “We had a misunderstanding. I didn’t even push him like that,” he said. “And I’m taking a pic with that girl and that’s why u hear ‘Bobby you should be up here!’ Clearly, you can see her posing for a pic smh. Come on Raz! Damn, I can’t win for losing.”

Ray also added that the scuffle “wasn’t a big deal” and both he and Raz-B are “operating from a place of love.”

While he’s been in his reality bag for some time, Ray J hasn’t walked away from his singing career either. He released his latest album Raydemption in December, which featured the likes of Chris Brown, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Brandy, Cassidy and Flo Rida.

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