Queen Latifah Praises Jamie Foxx For His Impact On Many Other Celebs' Success in Hollywood

Queen Latifah is speaking out about the impact Jamie Foxx has had in Hollywood.

via Just Jared:

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight about a major milestone in her music career, the 53-year-old singer/actress addressed Jamie‘s recent medical scare and opened up about how many don’t know that he’s given a lot of support to up and coming artists in the industry.

Many celebs have come out in support of Jamie, sharing their thoughts about his recovery, and Queen is no different.

She told the outlet she was “praying hard” for him, adding that Jamie is “one of the nicest people that you’ve ever met.”

“He is secretly behind so many people’s success in music, in Hollywood,” she continued. “Jamie is a unicorn, and if you aired a whole show on him you’d be surprised how many people had been put on because they came by Jamie’s house and they invited him over to play piano or make some beats or make some music. I hear so many kind stories about people who tour with him and how he treated them so respectfully and made sure they were all taken care of.”

Queen went on, admitting she didn’t “know how he found the energy to do that after parties after the shows, but I sure partied with him a couple times ’cause he’d be on the mic and singing. I’d be like, ‘You just did a whole two-hour show and you still at the club doing another [one]!’ So, he’s really the genuine article and I just wish him nothing but the best.”

She’s not wrong. For those of you who don’t know, Jamie Foxx gave our very own B. Scott one of the first big opportunities of their career back in the day — a radio show on Jamie’s ‘The Foxxhole’ radio station on Sirius/XM.

Jamie has always been a blessing to the industry and we’re praying for his continued recovery.


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