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Queen Latifah Calls Out DJ Akademiks’ Constant Disrespect of Black Women [Photo]

You know you messed up when Queen Latifah enters the chat.

In case you’ve missed it, DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana have been going back and forth this week after Akademiks criticized the City Girls and Yung Miami.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Akademiks took issue with Yung Miami using gay slurs with straight men.

Santana wasn’t feeling it and clapped back in defense of his bestie.

In a video shared via social media, he said:

“Akademiks, you keep talking about what the f**k Caresha said to you, but how she feel about you, is how she feel about you. Me being her best friend, it don’t have nothing to f**king do with me.”

“In the hood, and in a lot of urban cultures, when you see boys that are acting feminine, that are being messy, that are being extra and doing f*g sh*t, that’s what you address them as.”

Santana continued:

 “Even as me being a gay man, I don’t move like a f*g. And it’s a lot of other gay boys that are feminine or whatever, but everybody don’t move like f*gs. You move like a f*g.”

Akademiks responded with the typical homophobic rhetoric and Santana responded with the following:

“After I beat you, I’ma f**k you in your a** because you’re a bi**h-a** ni**a. That’s what we do to you. You always pressing a BBL, f-g. Bi**h, you sitting on your thick-a**. I got a BBL and you got a BBW.”

He added:

“That’s what you do. You a big Black woman. Sitting on that motherf**king couch… You talking with so much aggression and hostility for a ni**a we don’t see in public.”

Santana also called Akademiks out to fight.

In a livestream after their internet back and forth, Akademiks broke down in near tears, upset that he can’t say what he wants to say about Santana publicly without fear of getting “canceled.”

“When I see a ni**a like Saucy Santana, it’s rubbing on the mere fabric of what I really grew up on,” Akademiks explained in his stream.

“It brings me back to a hateful part of my life that I really try to get past. I’m not tryna get canceled to f**k up what we got going on. I’m never tryna get canceled saying the wrong thing — I know what we got going on, I love it.”

As his voice cracked and tears streamed down his face, he added:

“I’m in America, I gotta sit here and just act like I don’t f**k with certain sh*t. I don’t like it. Just please. I hate certain sh*t to the soul of me. I’m only pretending because if I say what I want to say, I will never be here for y’all. But I don’t want to be that person.”

That last stream is what prompted Queen Latifah to comment via Instagram Stories where she shared the following passage:

“It’s crazy to me how DJ Akademiks is crying scared to say anything to Saucy Santana because he’s a gay man and he’s scared of getting ‘canceled,’ but has said some of the most outlandish, vile, disrespectful, and demeaning things to Black women with absolutely no fear whatsoever,” the post reads. “Brings me back to Malcolm X’s quote: ‘The most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person [in] America is the Black woman!’”

Take a look:

We didn’t even think Queen Latifah paid attention to what’s going on like that — but clearly she does!

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