Phaedra Parks Says She's Not Divorcing Apollo Nida + Reveals She and Porsha Discussed the 'Importance of Just Being Calm' Before Reunion Fight [Video] |

Phaedra Parks Says She’s Not Divorcing Apollo Nida + Reveals She and Porsha Discussed the ‘Importance of Just Being Calm’ Before Reunion Fight [Video]

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Phaedra Parks says she’s ride-or-die for her man Apollo, who’s currently facing prison time if convicted of fraud and identity theft.

On Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Parks stated that her husband has her full support.

“I will support him until this is resolved,” she told host Andy Cohen.

She even spoke on those messy divorce and separation rumors.

“No, I have not filed for divorce. I am still very married.” She flashed her big diamond wedding ring for the audience, “Check out the bling.”

Although she’s supporting her man, she reveals that it hasn’t been easy.

“Of course it is. But we are where we are and we’ll support him. We are a family. He’s the father of my two beautiful kids and at the end of the day, I am a Southern belle and I believe in family and I will support him until this is resolved.”

Ahead of next week’s airing of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part 2, Phaedra says that Apollo will get the chance to tell his side of things.

 “Obviously I have nothing to do with his current issues. He is going to appear [on the next reunion show] and have his own conversation with the lovely Andy Cohen and he will tell you all about his issues and problems and I will sit back quietly and listen.”

We’ll definitely be watching that. It wouldn’t be right for Phaedra not to share her side of the much-talked-about fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore.

Phaedra reveals:

“Truth be told, Porsha and I had talked about a lot before the reunion because we both knew we were in a very fragile state. I had already warned her. This year I wasn’t pregnant—because last year, Kenya had obviously threatened to snatch me up and I guess beat me [while I was] eight and a half months pregnant.”

“But she’s not violent now! Oh, no! Don’t say that, now. But I just knew this year I would not be able to tolerate all of the foolery. And so we talked about it and I stressed to [Porsha] the importance of just being calm and making sure you maintain the proper decorum. But Kenya has a way of provoking people. She’s like a big bully. She talks a lot of talk and cannot walk the walk.”

Check out the clips below.

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