Pardison Fontaine feat. Cardi B - Backin' It Up [Video]

Cardi B’s friend and longtime collaborator Pardison Fontaine dropped a new track called “Backin’ It Up” featuring a verse from the Bronx rapper.

via Complex:

Fontaine, the alias of Jordan Thorpe, is best known for penning two of Cardi’s hit singles, “Bodak Yellow” and “Be Careful.” He later collaborated with Kanye on Ye, writing on the tracks “Ghost Town,” “Violent Crimes,” “All Mine,” and “Yikes.”

When “Be Careful” dropped back in March, ahead of her debut album Invasion of Privacy, rumors surfaced that Cardi either used a ghostwriter for the song or stole it. Neither of those claims were true, as Fontaine was credited under his name Thorpe. The two have actually worked together for years; the Bronx rapper appeared in one of Fontaine’s music videos from 2015. They are also both now signed to Atlantic Records. 

Ahead of this release, Cardi shared a post on IG dedicated to her longtime collaborator, explaining just how far back their relationship goes. “This was before Love and Hip Hop when my IG started blowing up,” she writes. “Me and my nikka @pardi came a long asssss wayyyy.”

Check out the song and video below.

Oh, and if you were wondering if her Lil Kim-inspired style was intentional and/or acknowledged — it was.

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