Oregon Man Wins $4.6 Million Lottery After Beating Cancer -- Twice

An Oregon who beat cancer not once, but twice, found himself on the receiving end of good fortune again after winning millions from the lotter.

via Complex:

“I am a very lucky guy,” Stu MacDonald, whose ticket ended up being worth a massive $4.6 million, said in an Oregon Lottery press release. “I have survived cancer twice and here I am. This is amazing.” Indeed it is.

The fateful ticket was purchased by Stu on Sept. 7 at a spot in the city of Bend by the name of Ashley’s Café. The day began with his wife Claudia forgetting to participate in what had become part of a weekly routine for the couple. Claudia, on this particular day, forgot to tell Stu “Get the winning ticket.” Despite this one-off change in their lottery traditions, Stu managed to get that winning ticket anyway.

After bagging a victory with the quick pick ticket, Stu and Claudia opted for the bulk sum payment option, which amounts to $2.3 million in pre-tax winnings. After taxes, that comes down to a still-amazing $1.56 million.

In a statement to CNN, an Oregon Lottery rep said that Stu had thus far not agreed to do any post-winnings interviews or other promo.

Cancer sucks, but $4.6 million does not!

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