Omarion is Ready to Reveal Everything in His Upcoming Docuseries [Video] |

Omarion is Ready to Reveal Everything in His Upcoming Docuseries [Video]

Omarion wants to clear the air on everything in his personal life, including his former bandmates, B2K, “The Millennium Tour,” and everything in between.

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Hot on the heels of his highly anticipated appearance on Verzuz and ensuing social media drama thereafter, Omarion is sharing an in-depth look at his perspective in a newly-announced documentary series.

Titled Omega: The Gift and the Curse, the 5-part docuseries takes fans back to the 2019 Millennium Tour that found the R&B crooner reunited with his B2k bandmates for the first time in over a decade.

Omarion had teased that something major was on the way just days after Verzuz aired and his former bandmates, Dreux “Lil Fizz” Frédéric, Jarell “J Boog” Houston, and De’Mario “Raz-B” Thornton, had begun sending him taunting messages regarding his perceived loss of the friendly hit-for-hit singling battle against singer Mario.

“7/7/22, the dark will come to light,” he posted on Instagram on June 26, cryptically foreshadowing the release of the trailer for his upcoming documentary project.

Spanning the length of the 2019 Millennium Tour, the documentary trailer shows Omarion both clashing with and clinging to his bandmates through major events and tour disruptions. From Raz-B allegedly expressing violent tendencies and abruptly dropping out of the tour, to discovering news of the shocking death of Nipsey Hussle, to the eventual discovery that bandmate Lil Fizz had begun dating his former fiancé and mother to his two children, April Jones, right under his nose.

Omega: The Gift and the Curse promises to provide Omarion’s personal perspective and answer all lingering questions about the finality of the fall of B2k. According to its official description, with the band’s big return to the stage after nearly 15 years apart came “covert sabotage orchestrated from one bandmate towards another,” and “toxic family influences that further contributed to the downfall of B2K.”

“Behind the bright lights and excited fans was a show hanging on by a string with a group in a constant state of chaos,” the description continued, promising unprecedented access into the private life and personal account from Omarion himself regarding the occurrences that broke up the B2k brotherhood seemingly once and for all.

Omega: The Gift and the Curse is slated for release on July 21 on YouTube.

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