Oklahoma Woman Dresses for Virtual Services 52 Sundays [Video]

When Metropolitan Church went to virtual services, Dr. Laverne Wimberly didn’t let it stop her shine. Wimberly decided to get dressed up for every virtual church service and then post it on Facebook.

via: Abc 4News

When churches, including Metropolitan Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went to virtual services because of COVID 19, Dr. Laverne Wimberly decided to stay connected at home in her own way.

“I just decided that point, I was just going to get dressed as if I was going to church so I would not get in the habit of just slouching around,” said Wimberly, who is a retired school administrator.

She planned out her coordinated church clothes and took selfies each Sunday morning. It came naturally because as a child, she wore her Sunday best.

She did it, 52 Sundays, in a row.

“I got a lot of feedback, more feedback than I wanted on the way I looked. I really wanted them to focus on the message. I did have to say one time during one of those posts, to focus on the message rather than on me,” said Wimberly.

Not only did she have fancy hats and a bright smile, but she also had a message, full of prayers and scriptures to encourage her fellow members and Facebook friends.

The minister of worship missed her face in person but caught the inspirational posts online.

“I don’t think she has missed a Sunday of just devotionals encouragement. It is like she gives you a sermon. She gives you a sermon before service even starts. She gives you something to focus on and the dressing up, it made my kids get dressed,” said Minister of Worship, Merton Huff.

“And as soon as the health officials and scientists give us the green light that everything is safe, I will be the first one in the in the door,” Wimberly said.

Metropolitan, like many other churches, is still considering a date for bringing members back inside the church building.

Dr. Wimberly spent a lifetime encouraging and educating Tulsa families. The pandemic didn’t stop her from celebrating the election, holidays and even her 82nd birthday, alone, with a cake that she didn’t have to share this time. But she’s ready to go back to church, as soon as it’s safe.

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