Oh Really? James DeBarge Spills ALL the Tea, Confirms Secret Baby with Janet Jackson [Video]


As you know, Janet Jackson is currently pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana.

While she says it’s her first child, a longstanding rumor from the 80s suggests Janet secretly had a baby with then-husband JamesDeBarge and gave the child up.

In the decades since, several people have claimed to have intimate knowledge about the situation and some have even claimed to BE Janet’s daughter.

Earlier this year, James told his side of story for the first time and made it known that he recently reconnected with a woman claiming to be his daughter.

On a recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, James DeBarge sat down with his other daughter, Kristina, and confirmed the Janet-baby rumor to her face. He told Kristina that Janet DID have a baby — but without his knowledge.

You know — it’s 2016. We’d be mighty shocked if there’s a child out there with Jackson DNA that has NOT come forward with receipts. We’re not sure if we believe James.

Watch below.

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