Odell Beckham Jr. Addresses Those Inappropriate Comments Made by Lena Dunham: 'I Never Want Any Problems With Anybody'


Odell Beckham Jr. is taking the high road in response to those unwarranted and unnecessary comments made by Lena Dunham last week.

In a recent Q&A with Amy Schumer for her Lenny Letter, Lena claimed that Odell looked at her like she was “not the shape of a woman by his standards” at the 2016 Met Gala, despite never having actually spoken to him.

Lena  has since apologized, but until now Odell has remained quiet.

“I don’t have enough information to really speak on it,” he told Complex at a private party for GQ on Tuesday night. “We’ll see what happens from there. I never want any problems with anybody in this world.” 

Good for you, Odell. Keep shining that light.

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