Nipsey Hussle’s Children's Inheritance Payments Delayed After Songwriter Accuses Late Rapper's Estate of Owing Her Money |

Nipsey Hussle’s two kids were named his sole beneficiaries after his tragic death in March 2019 at age 33.

via: Radar Online

Nipsey’s family suffered a small setback in court after a judge delayed approving a final report submitted by the estate — after a songwriter rushed to court over alleged money owed.

According to court documents obtained by, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge said “that additional evidence” or “additional documentation is required to grant Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam’s request to close the probate case.

The court set a hearing for March where Sam can present further documents to the judge.

Sam was appointed administrator of Nipsey’s estate following his 2019 death. The rapper left behind 2 children — a daughter named Emani who he had with his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Foster and a son named Kross who he had with his girlfriend Lauren London.

As we first reported, in October 2023, Sam submitted a final report that explained he handled all outstanding debts and creditor’s claims. He said he had reviewed all of Nipsey’s property and assets — which were worth around $11 million.

Emani and Kross are expected to be paid around $5 million each and will continue to receive payments for the remainder of their life.

A couple of weeks later, a songwriter named Tasleema Yasin filed an objection to the final report being approved and the payouts being made.

Yasin originally filed a creditor’s claim against the estate in 2019. The songwriter claimed she worked on a song called Hussle & Motivation with Nipsey in 2016. The track was released months before the rapper’s death.

In 2022, Yasin and Sam reached a deal in the dispute. Yasin claimed Sam agreed to award her 10% share of the Master Sound Recording. In addition, she said she was to be paid $35k.

In January, Yasin filed her objection to the final report. She claimed that Sam had breached the deal they reached by failing to pay her the full amount. She said she only received $16k.

“Regrettably, the opposing party has thus far delayed the fulfillment of their obligations under the contract, and consequently, they are in breach of its terms,” Yasin claimed. “The original agreement with the Estate is deemed void due to multiple breaches. Ms. Yasin no longer seeks enforcement of this breached agreement. Instead, she is seeking damages as a result of these breaches and wishes to negotiate a new agreement that will protect her interests moving forward.”

In court documents, Yasin claimed she didn’t mean to cause the family any trouble.

She said, “My intention is not to burden the court or cause any distress to the involved family. MY sole aim is to pursue a fair and just resolution. I am wholeheartedly committed to fully engaging with the court’s procedures, attending all hearings, and providing any additional necessary information. Considering these facts, I earnestly request the court to consider my objection and expedite the proceedings for a swift resolution.”

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