Say What Now? Man Arrested After Admitting He Goes to Starbucks Drive-Thru Naked to See the 'Pretty Girls' |

Say What Now? Man Arrested After Admitting He Goes to Starbucks Drive-Thru Naked to See the ‘Pretty Girls’

It seems that Starbucks employees at the Broken Arrow drive-thru had no trouble remembering Michael Billingsley’s order.

Perhaps it’s because his visits were so… well, unforgettable. With his unique approach to drive-thru etiquette, he certainly left a lasting impression.

Now, the real question is, did they know his order because of his frequent visits or because they couldn’t get the image of him out of their heads?

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. —— The Starbucks on West Kenosha is closed for renovations, but before the construction started, a man was arrested after being accused of driving through a Starbucks naked multiple times in Broken Arrow.

“That is crazy,” said Alexandria Moore who works across the street at a music studio. “My students or their moms go over there to bring them coffee or stuff. I think they would be pretty disturbed themselves.”

According to an affidavit, a Starbucks employee said Michael Billingsley was making his way through a drive-thru and hopped out of his car naked while waiting for his drink on March 30 at 6 a.m. The victim told Broken Arrow Police that Billingsley was “100%” naked and said this was the second time she knew of this happening at the store.

On April 6 at 6 a.m., the affidavit said it happened again and this time the manager noticed Billingsley was also watching porn as he drove.

On April 9, police presented the victim and the manager a lineup of photos. They both positively identified Billingsley as the suspect.

The document said on April 9, Billingsley went to the Broken Arrow Police Station for an interview. He admitted to going to the Starbucks drive-thru multiple times nude as an exhibitionist to see the “pretty girls” who worked the window. He said he also did it at a Starbucks location in Tulsa.

It left such an impression that people working there knew his order of “large iced americano”.

Broken Arrow Police Information Coordinator Ethan Hutchins said it’s disturbing.

“It’s unfortunate that someone would do this to employees who are just trying to make a living and have to deal with someone doing this,” Hutchins said.

Billingsley was arrested and booked into Tulsa County jail for two counts of indecent exposure. He’s currently out on a $4,000 bond.

“Honestly I think mental illness is at an all time high, especially going through the pandemic, and he just needs some help,” Moore said.

According to court records, Broken Arrow Police believe there may be other victims. If so, they ask any of those employees at other locations to call police.

via: FOX23

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