Cheryl Lynn Responds to “Encore” Going Viral Amid Baltimore Ravens Success: ‘There’s No Better Feeling' |

Cheryl Lynn Responds to “Encore” Going Viral Amid Baltimore Ravens Success: ‘There’s No Better Feeling’

Cheryl Lynn’s 1983 hit “Encore” is seeing new success as the single grows in popularity.

via: Complex

The disco singer, also known for her 1978 hit “Got to Be Real,” has seen a surge of renewed interest in her 1983 single “Encore” since November, largely thanks to the Baltimore TikTok.

After local dancers used the song to get some moves off, citizens of Charm City have been using Lynn’s “Encore” to show off their victory dances as the Baltimore Ravens have seen a streak of wins this season, including games against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Miami Dolphins.

According to Afrotech, Lynn’s “Encore” saw a spike of 30,000 streams on Spotify in 24 hours on Nov. 7. Per a tweet from Lynn, the singer says she’s owned the master rights to her music for the past 35 years and that the royalties are “lovely.”

More videos using “Encore” made their way online with the Ravens beating out the Houston Texas in a 34-10 at the AFC playoffs on Saturday.

Lynn caught wind one of those videos on Sunday through X (formerly known as Twitter) and wrote, “Brings me joy. 50 years of musical service I’ve given, and to see it pour out into people that genuinely enjoy it, there’s no better feeling. Thank you 41 years later, y’all still killing it to this jam. XOXO.”

In a separate tweet, the Los Angeles-born singer also voiced her support for the Baltimore Ravens, writing, “Only rooting for the Ravens. #RavensFlock Let the Encore continue.”

The Baltimore Ravens will advance to the AFC Championship Game on Jan. 28, where they will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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