Nicki Minaj Leads 'Moment of Silence' for Princess Diana During UK Show: 'A Dear Friend of Mine' |

Nicki Minaj Leads ‘Moment of Silence’ for Princess Diana During UK Show: ‘A Dear Friend of Mine’

Nicki Minaj left fans confused after referring to Princess Diana as her “dear friend” over the weekend.

During her Sunday, May 26 Pink Friday 2 Tour stop in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Nicki Minaj, 41, led a seemingly impromptu moment of silence for the late Princess of Wales, who died in 1997.

In between songs, Minaj interacted with fans at Resorts World Arena, giving them her microphone to learn where they are from, a fan-captured clip of the concert shows.

After a fan told her they were from Wales, the rapper repeated, “Wales,” and switched over to a British accent.

“It always reminds me of a dear friend of mine,” she continued, still speaking in the accent. “Well, she’s not here anymore, but the Princess of Wales.”

As the crowd roared in response to the name-drop, the “Superbass” rapper put her hands together — and her head down — and asked fans to hold “a moment of silence for her.”

Following a few-second-long pause, the rapper then resumed her show, with the Barbz in the audience also returning to business as usual.

Though Minaj and Diana are certainly not “dear friends” — the pair never met prior to the princess’s death, at which time Minaj was just 14 years old — the rapper is certainly an admirer.

She was featured on Ice Spice’s popular song named after the late royal, “Princess Diana.” In the track, both artists rap, “When we come out, it look like Princess Diana on the street.”

Elsewhere in the song, Ice Spice references the royal again, rapping, “Callin’ my phone, but they know I don’t answer / In the hood, I’m like Princess Diana,” and Minaj’s verse also includes several references to both London and a “princess.”

The May 26 show came a day after Minaj was arrested in the Netherlands (an interaction she recorded and shared on social media) on May 25 for allegedly “carrying drugs” while she was on her way to Manchester, England for a concert.

via: People

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