Nate Dogg’s Estate Worth $2.7 Million, Late Rapper’s Widow & Nine Children Receiving Six-Figure Payouts |

Nate Dogg’s Estate Worth $2.7 Million, Late Rapper’s Widow & Nine Children Receiving Six-Figure Payouts

Nate Dogg’s family has been locked in a heated battle for 12 years over the late arrtist’s estate.

via: Radar Online

Nate’s widow and his nine children will all be paid out a six-figure sum from his estate. has obtained the final accounting report submitted by the administrator in charge of handling the late rapper’s finances.

Nate died on March 15, 2011. He left behind nine children and a wife named LaToya Calvin. It was previously believed that Nate had six children, but the new report stated he had a total of nine.

Following his death, LaToya tried to take control of Nate’s estate and finances.

The rapper’s son Naijiel Hale rushed to court to fight the request. He accused LaToya of being responsible for the car crash that left Nate severely injured.

Naijiel said his dad suffered strokes from the accident — which he believed led to his death. In addition, he claimed his father had separated from LaToya before his death. Nate filed for divorce but the case was not finalized.

Per the final report, the administrator said all the outstanding debts and bills were paid including a tax bill of $144k.

The estate rep said he had $2,814,385.71 in assets of which $353,385.71 is in cash. The report said, NATHANIEL D. HALE, was “survived by his spouse and nine children.”

The children are listed as Whitney Bruce, Debra Harris, Aundrane Hale, Naijiel Hale, Nathaniel Hale, Milana Hale, Jaydon Hale, Xavier Hale, and Sianna Lind.

The $2.8 million will be split between LaToya and the children. LaToya will be paid out 30% of the estate, Naijiel will receive 10%, and the other 8 children will be paid 7.4074% of the estate.

LaToya’s amount totals $844k, Naijiel’s comes out to $281k and the other children will be paid a total of $200k.

However, the administrator noted that LaToya has already been paid $463k, Naijiel received $146k and the other children were paid $115k each.

Last year, LaToya demanded the court sign off on Nate’s music catalog being sold. She accused the administrator of not taking offers seriously. She believed they could lose out of a substantial amount of money if they didn’t act quick.

“No less than 4 parties have expressed interest in purchasing either the entire music catalog or in many cases a percentage of the rights, with management control,” she said.

She continued, “The latter option in particular (in addition to full sale options) should be explored because she is informed and believes it would both yield substantial immediate case for all the heirs.”

A judge has yet to rule on her request.

In addition, Nate’s ex Shereda recently demanded $400k from the estate in retroactive child support for the late rapper’s son Jayden. The estate scoffed at the request and demanded it be denied.

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