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‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano Was ‘Dead, Intubated for 3 Days’ After Fentanyl Overdose: ‘I Don’t Remember Anything’

Renee Graziano says she nearly lost her life when she overdosed last year on a bad batch of drugs.

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The Mob Wives star is set to make a guest appearance on the Wednesday, March 6, episode of Bunnie XO’s “Dumb Blonde” podcast, where she opened up about the estrangement she had from her family and how it lead to her near-fatal fentanyl overdose last year.

“I would have done anything for someone to say ‘I love you,'” the 55-year-old emotionally recalled of her childhood as the daughter of Anthony Graziano, a former consigliere of the Bonanno crime family who passed away in 2019.

The reality star hit rock bottom in September of last year, when a drug she was consuming happened to be laced with fentanyl, leading her to overdose and nearly die.

“I OD’d. I just lost my whole life. I couldn’t come up for air,” Renee explained of the all-time low she found herself in, noting her sister Jennifer Graziano “wasn’t talking to [her] for a year and a half.”

“Everything in my life was falling apart,” she continued, admitting her son, AJ Pagan, 29, “didn’t want to talk” to her either. “Nobody wanted to talk to me. Everything just started piling up and piling up and piling up and piling up. I gave up.”

Renee confessed: “I just like lost my s—, man.”

“Someone gave me a bag of fentanyl,” Renee revealed, previously referring to it as a “bad batch” of a different unspecified drug she was trying to take.

Next thing she knew, Renee “died in a restaurant in Florida.”

“I was dead, intubated for three days,” she dished, pointing out how “no one in my family came to the hospital,” as she “spent nine days there learning how to walk again.”

“That was it for me,” Renee — who doesn’t “remember anything” as “three days were wiped from [her] brain” — noted of what pushed her to change her life and go to rehab.

“They said I wasn’t going to make it,” the Playing With Fire: A Novel author shared.

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