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‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano Checks Into Rehab After Drug Overdose

“Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano has checked in to a rehab facility following a drug relapse.

via: OK Magazine

According to the Mob Wives star’s manager, Chris Giovanni, Graziano, 54, called him from a Texas facility on Monday, November 13, where she has been since mid-September after overdosing on a “bad batch” of an unspecified drug she’d obtained from a dealer.

According to the representative, the former reality star was accompanied by a counselor and could only speak on the phone for 10 minutes.

Giovanni noted that Graziano’s revelation explained his lack of communication with her over the past month, which he described as “sporadic” and “brief.” He also noted that he felt his client’s struggles stem from the death of her father, Anthony Graziano, who passed away in 2019.

The past few years have been a struggle for the former VH1 star after she was arrested for driving while under the influence and crashing her car into a parked SUV in Staten Island, N.Y., in January 2022.

As OK! previously reported, Graziano opened up earlier this year about how she could never rewatch the series that made her a star because it would trigger her battle with drug addiction.

“They told me never to watch it again,” she explained during a recent interview about the people who previously helped her get sober. “There’s times that I hear clips and I get sick. Literally I get knots in my stomach and especially when I was medicated. That right there makes me want to medicate again. And that is not good. I would never do that to myself. I’ve come way too far to go back to the girl that has to medicate herself, to medicate herself from her medication.”

Following her DUI arrest, the New York native got candid about her struggle and how it’s deeply affected her mental health. “I take Adderall every single day of my life,” she told Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“I have ADD, HDHD, PTSD,” she emotionally revealed. “My brain is very congested. If you had to live in my brain, which I wish everyone in the world could, you probably wouldn’t make it through a day.”

After her 2022 arrest, Graziano worked with The Hills alum, Jason Wahler, and his nonprofit, The Red Songbird Foundation, to kick her pill addiction. “He’s not just husband, dad, reality tv veteran BUT a philanthropist and HUGH RECOVERY ADVOCATE !! His knowledge and wisdom are beyond measure !!” she gushed over her fellow reality star in a recent Instagram post.

TMZ spoke with Giovanni about Graziano checking into treatment.

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