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Draymond Green Puts Rudy Gobert in Headlock During Heated Warriors-Timberwolves Brawl [Video]

Tuesday night’s In-Season Tournament game between the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves got a bit tense.

via: The Washington Post

Less than two minutes into the Warriors’ game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Chase Center in San Francisco, a scuffle between Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels culminated with Green putting Rudy Gobert in an extended headlock that required intervention by Golden State’s coaching staff and security.

With the game still scoreless, Thompson and McDaniels grabbed each other’s jerseys and became entangled after Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards missed a jumper. After the two began shoving each other as they ran back down the court, Gobert attempted to break up the disagreement by restraining Thompson from behind.

Green swiftly followed suit by grabbing Gobert from behind, holding the 7-foot-1 center by the neck to free Thompson and dragging him toward the Warriors’ bench. Timberwolves stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Edwards came to their teammate’s defense, and Warriors Coach Steve Kerr appeared to tell Green to release his grip before Green was finally restrained by security. Gobert, who dropped to the court in the exchange, picked himself up and returned to his team’s bench.

Thompson and McDaniels were ejected, and Green was assessed a flagrant-two foul and ejected. Gobert was awarded two free throws for Green’s flagrant foul, which applies to contact the officials deem to be “unnecessary and excessive.” Given the dangerous nature of his actions and his role in escalating the incident, Green could face further punishment in the form of a fine and/or a suspension.

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