Miguel Covers 'Prince' Magazine; Talks Grammy Performance, Frank Ocean & 'Happy Endings' [Photo]

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Miguel is on the cover of the latest issue of Prince magazine. If you’re unfamiliar, Prince is a fashion & lifestyle magazine for men.

In the magazine he talks about his upcoming Grammy performance, the super talented Frank Ocean, and he even shares tips on how men are sure to earn a ‘happy ending’ on Valentine’s Day. Check out some excerpts below.


PRINCE MAGAZINE: How involved are you in the pre-production phase for your upcoming Grammy performance?

MIGUEL: Everything kind of starts with my ideas and I allow my team to kind of handle it. I oversee everything to make sure it’s on point with the original concept. That’s also on the fashion side, wardrobe side and production side.

PRINCE MAGAZINE: Is there anything you must have with you on tour?

MIGUEL: I would have to have my Leather Biker Jacket with me everywhere I go!

PRINCE MAGAZINE: New York Fashion Week has begun! Who is your favorite fashion designer?

MIGUEL: My favorite designer is Hedi Slimane. Obviously, he is amazing! The way he revamped the Saint Laurent menswear collection, is exactly how I would rock it!

PRINCE MAGAZINE: What is your favorite song to perform?

MIGUEL: At the moment, it’s “Where’s the fun in forever”. I think it’s more of the arrangement on stage that has created some really unforgettable moments on this last tour in Europe. F*ck!ng amazing! The reaction from the entire crowd is not what you would expect from a traditional R&B show. I don’t know if you seen Usher’s last show, but just his energy, how he arranged it and the response was fun!

PRINCE MAGAZINE: This year at the Grammys, you are nominated along with a handful of talented male R&B artists. Whose music do you enjoy or listen to?

MIGUEL: Frank Ocean! He’s an amazing f*ck!ng writer.

PRINCE MAGAZINE: You seem like the romantic type. What are 3 tips for guys that could lead to a happy ending on Valentines Day with their significant other?

MIGUEL: (Laughs) If music has to do with the night, you will be alright. Also, right about now is the perfect time to pay attention to the conversations you are having with your girl. She’ll be dropping little gems of sh*t that she wants right now! So just pay some attention!

Speaking of ‘happy endings’…. The full issue drops Feb 9th.

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