Meghan McCain Blasts 'Haggard' Gwyneth Paltrow Over 'Starvation Diet'

Meghan McCain believes Gwyneth Paltrow looks “much older than her 50 years” — and she blames the actress’ “starvation diet.”

via: Radar Online

The outspoken former View host, 38, called Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, “bad, tired [and] haggard” in an opinion piece she probably should have kept to herself, has learned.

McCain said Paltrow looks “much older than her 50 years” and blamed her “starvation diet” for her dwindling appearance. She also compared the Oscar winner’s “washed-out” wellness routine to a “cult.”

“Her life sounds like a living hell,” McCain wrote in her Daily Mail column Friday.

“Nothing about her day sounds nourishing or fulfilling,” she added. “The laser focus on ‘wellness’ seems obsessive and, quite frankly, unwell.”

McCain continued by picking apart the actress’ bizarre food habits, which she shared on her Art of Being Well podcast earlier this week, including eating bone broth for lunch and paleo food for dinner. Paltrow also went into detail about her intermittent fasts and IV drips.

“This sounds horrific. … If what she’s selling is wellness, then I want no part of it,” McCain wrote, calling the Goop founder “wacky and elitist.” She slammed Paltrow for “broadcasting” her lifestyle when “there is a growing awareness of eating disorders in American culture.”

McCain also labeled Paltrow a “phony” health guru.

“No wonder there is an Ozempic craze sweeping the nation and ‘heroic chic’ thinness is back on the fashion runways,” she said. “This ‘wellness’ trend is making us sick. And Gwyneth Paltrow is part of the problem.”

But not everyone sees it that way.

Bethenny Frankel rushed to Paltrow’s defense after the actress copped backlash for her podcast episode.

“You can’t expect a dog to be a cat. This is a woman who made millions off a candle that was called ‘This Candle Smells Like My Vagina.’ … Her base is a middle-aged mom, her base isn’t tweens. So when people are talking about eating disorders, my daughter [Bryn] doesn’t know who Gwyneth Paltrow is. It’s not for 18-year-olds, I think it’s for moms — and we all know her schtick, we’ve been hearing it for years,” the ex-Real Housewives of New York star stated.

This isn’t the first time that McCain has targeted Paltrow.

After the lifestyle guru revealed she only lives with her husband Brad Falchuk four days a week, McCain called their arrangement “rich people stuff.”

“I don’t try and judge anybody else’s marriage because you don’t know what goes on and what works for people,” McCain told her then-View co-hosts in 2019. “But the rent alone would be enough to make me angry … so I probably wouldn’t do it.” has reached out to Paltrow’s rep for comment.

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