Do You Believe It? Megan Thee Stallion Reportedly Got Shot After Finding Out Her BFF Kelsey Was Also Sleeping with Tory Lanez |

Do You Believe It? Megan Thee Stallion Reportedly Got Shot After Finding Out Her BFF Kelsey Was Also Sleeping with Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez has yet to be charged for shooting Megan Thee Stallion and the saga has been playing out on social media for months now.

Although Megan confirmed that she was indeed shot by Tory, a source tells that she’s refusing to testify making his prosecution extremely difficult.

 “Megan will 100% not show up at court to testify. That’s part of the reason the [District Attorney] hasn’t filed charges, they feel if she really wants them to prosecute [Lanez then] she has to be part of the trial. In order for any sworn statement to be valid or admissible in court she will have to show up in court and be cross examined which she doesn’t want to happen not only because she’d really be labelled a snitch by the hip hop community but everything else would come out including her version of events, her previous arrest for beating up her ex-boyfriend and what happened at Kylie’s house which is a bad look for her.”

The source also alleges that the incident transpired as a result of Megan popping off on Tory for getting too flirtatious with Kylie Jenner.

“All the witnesses at the pool party who have given statements say Meg got super jealous of Tory flirting with Kylie and flipped out. That being said, Kylie could be subpoenaed to show up in court to be a witness to what happened that night and Kylie’s people won’t let that happen and have a lot of influence with the Mayor of [Los Angeles]. Also the DA doesn’t want to bring it to court because they know they will lose the case based on the lack of evidence and contradictory statements. Also the neighbor/witness Megan talked about who called the police didn’t see anything, she just heard one gunshot and got a description of the car [and] that’s in the original police report. There is no video of the actual incident, that’s a lie.”

“Every insider to this situation knows it was an accident, not intentional. Megan wasn’t directly hit with a bullet, it was shards of bullet fragments from one shot that ricocheted.”The industry source also said the arguing started because the “WAP” rapper found out that Lanez had slept with both her and her friend, Kelsey, who was also in the car.

Just when you thought the situation couldn’t get messier, the same source tells that the argument in the car started because Megan found out that she and Kelsey were both sleeping with Tory.

“It wasn’t Tory and Megan arguing in the car, it was Megan and Kelsey arguing because they found out that night that they were both sleeping with Tory when Megan got jealous over Kylie. That’s why they are no longer friends and had the big falling out. They almost came to blows in the car because everyone was drunk. It was a big mess.”

At the end of the day, the only people who know what truly went down that night are those involved.

However, we must say, everyone’s secrecy surrounding the incident does nothing but make room for other people to control the narrative.

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