Meek Mill Reveals the ‘Freakiest’ Thing He’s Ever Done in the Bedroom [Video]

Some rappers have interesting sex lives as they’re always around groupies and other attractive people who may be looking to engage in the same act as them. Meek Mill is one of those rappers and he’s not biting his tongue on how he gets down in the bedroom.

via: Complex

In the Dirty Street Confessions segments, strangers or celebrities are asked to admit something dirty about their sex lives. Meek was asked if he was a “professional ass eater,” but he said he’s not there “yet.” If he had to rank his booty eating skills right now, he said would give himself a solid six.

“I got taught how to eat ass by a Philly girl,” he added, later describing the taste of butt as being similar to “unseasoned lamb chops.”After that, he said that the dirtiest thing he’s ever done in bed is spit in a woman’s mouth. Spit seems kinda mild compared to analingus, but hey Meek’s built different.

In the second clip of Meek’s interview for the segment, Meek explained that he once had an orgy with sixteen women in London. “They was telling me, ‘Yes, sir.’ Everything I would say, ‘Yes, sir,'” said Meek with a grin on his face. “This one girl, she was in the room until five in the morning and shit … she just start crying. I’m like, ‘Don’t cry, please don’t be like that, baby.’ … Woke up the next day, fifteen more girls in the room. I had to call one of the guys I’m with like, ‘Yo, come on, please come escort some of these girls out of my room.’ And then the magic happened.”

Pressed for more, he appeared to back away from using the word “orgy” and started to laugh. “We ain’t had no orgy,” he said. “I don’t wanna seem like a hoe.”

You can watch both portions of the interview above.

When he’s not talking about sex, Meek Mill is speaking his mind on other things like marijuana. Over the weekend, Meek took to his Twitter to speak about weed making him depressed when he’s high.

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