Meek Mill Defends ‘Too Good To Be True’ Sales Projections: “The Streets Love This Album” |

Meek Mill addressed the low album sales for his new collaborative project with Rick Ross, Too Good To Be True.

via: Vibe

The rapper took to social media on Sunday (Nov. 12) amid the public’s response to the projections, as a number of fans appeared unimpressed by the those metrics. Meek seemingly defended the projections, pointing to a shift in industry standards concerning album releases in comparison to previous years.

“It says me and Ross on pace to sell 35k first week I would post if it said 350k… I’m too nice and rich to be rapping in a controlled music environment that’s why we dropping music on Fridays it doesn’t make sense,” the Philly native wrote.

He added that he and other rappers are currently in the process of creating their own technology through which they’ll offer “musical subscriptions” directly to consumers in the future. “Now we all own our music we getting the tech built to put people on our own musical subscriptions and we gone let direct to consumer see if rap if doing well,” he continued.

The veteran rapper then pointed out the positive reviews Too Good To Be True has received, as well as the fact the he and Rozay “own” the album outright. “The streets love this album too! I’m use every drop of my talent now I own 100 percent of my music now! It was top tier rap for the hustlers and winners! Tap in ‘ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE’ owned by ‘WILLIAM ROBERTS X ROBERT WILLIAMS [DISTRO] BY:GAMMA.”

Apparently miffed by the chatter surrounding Too Good To be True‘s sales projections, Meek then lashed out at social media users speaking negatively about people for clout. “Staring at social media fantasizing about others lives and getting mentally sick! I seen it happen to so many people! It’s like a clout zombie effect,” he wrote.

Meek ended his tirade by adding that many of the artists who seemingly received more promotion from their record labels couldn’t garner significant sales. “I never wanted to be on billboards… a lot of them guys they marketed in front of us can’t make 100k today,” he wrote. “If people believe that tho, I want that market too I’m Hungry lol.”

Too Good To Be True was released on Friday (Nov. 10) following weeks of anticipation. The album was led by the singles “Shaq & Kobe” and “Lyrical Eazy” and features guest appearances by Fabolous, Teyana Taylor, DJ Khaled, Wale, The-Dream, French Montana, Future, Shaquille O’Neal, Dame D.O.L.L.A., Vory, and Beam.

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